grani antichi siciliani

The idea

Since 2007, Un Pastificio Artigianale produces in Modica a particular pasta using only ancient Sicilian wheats and Sicilian mineral water.

The original idea of Mario Pianesi (Creator, Founder and President of Un Punto Macrobiotico) was to cultivate and use only ancient sicilian wheat varieties. The Sicilian ancient grains, are the genetic heritage which belongs to the biodiversity of the Mediterranean area and the result of the selection made by farmers in nine thousand years of history.

These varieties existed before the advent of industrialization of agriculture and they contributed to the development of society and culture on an island that has always had strong links with the world of grain growth and durum wheat in particular.

Unfortunately, during the industrialization the crops of these ancient grains were abandoned principally because the ancient grains produce 50% less compared to modern varieties.

But since 2000 thanks to the tenacity of local producers nowadays these wheats are spreading again in our territory also thanks to the collaboration with the Institute of Caltagirone for the cultivation of wheat.

This cultivation, without any use of synthetic chemicals, is monitored and controlled by a company that verifies the quality of the products on behalf of the Association Un Punto Macrobiotico.


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